Keep track of the songs that you love to play on any musical instrument.
Product Development

My problem

Having played guitar for most of my life, I was always losing track of what songs I had in my repertoire. I started keeping notes in Google Keep, but it didn’t help me practise.

My solution

SongSet is made for musicians who want to keep track of songs and develop their skills in playing them.


  • Add - Search Spotify and add songs to your list.
  • Filter - Focus on playing songs of a genre.
  • Play - Play directly from Spotify or a video streaming website
  • Randomise - Stay on your toes by playing random songs from your list
  • Musical details - Access the key and tempo of any song
  • Add details - Update music details or even rename songs
  • Track your skill - Log your skill and work on improving
  • Organise your repertoire - Tag your songs to make an easy-to-use list

Tech stack