Run Plan
My Marathon training assistant, connected to Google Calendar and Strava.
Product Development

My problem

After several years of paying £120 for a training plan application and desiring something with a less comprehensive feature set, I decided to build my own.

My solution

Run Plan is my training assistant, which displays my workout schedule, reports my completed workouts and calculates my fitness in the lead-up to a race.


  • Training plan is pulled in from Google Calendar and presented in workout cards.
  • Completed workouts are fed from Strava and given an effort score.
  • Shows me how my fitness is increasing and how fatigued I am
  • Tracks how many Kms my trainers have covered
  • Weekly running distance

How it works

In the lead-up to a big race, I define workouts in Google Sheets and import them into Google Calendar. Run Plan then pulls them in, segmenting them into weeks.

When a workout is completed and recorded with a fitness tracker, it is uploaded to Strava and displayed in the Runs section. As I accumulate workouts, Run Plan shows my overall fitness and presents it in the Stats section.

Tech stack